Affordable Date Ideas

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People think of dates and fancy restaurant dining will come to mind. But dates don’t always have to involve grand and expensive dining experience. In fact, dates don’t have to be costly at all. There are a lot of ideas where you and your special someone can have an amazing time together without having to spend a lot. We have listed some of them here. 


  1. Have a picnic 

You can both go to the park or somewhere similar and have your picnic there. Bring some foods that are easy to prepare and eat and drinks to refresh you. Go and enjoy the beautiful day together. 

       2. Watch a play or a movie 

Going to the theater can be really exciting. Imagine watching a movie but instead is done live in front of your eyes. And you can personally see the talent each actor is capable of. Still not changing your mind about it? Go to the movies instead. Buy some popcorn and enjoy it together. 

       3. Watch a movie or series marathon 

Not a fan of going out? Watch it inside instead. Prepare your DVDs or Blu-rays or the more modern Netflix. And what could be better than watching it with ice cream, pizza, and your favorite chips?  

       4. Play some sports 

Go bowling, play ping pong, billiards, or other sports you both like. Sports have always brought people together. And you can always show your skills to impress her or him. Or, you can teach your date how to play. If this is how your first date together or you both have just begun dating, you’ll get a good excuse to touch her. 

      5. Go for an adventure 

Go hiking, fishing, kayaking, camping, or any other outdoor adventure. It’s always a good breather to be outside of the house and go out and experience nature. When camping, not only will you get a good sweat, but you will feel accomplished after. Camping will make you enjoy the stars together. It’s really a great date idea because you will have all the time to have a great conversation and enjoy each other’s company. Water sports like kayak or fishing is also a great idea. Any body of water has always been a good date destination. Not only will you enjoy the activities but you’ll learn something as well. 

      6. Go for long walks 

Take the longer walking route before he takes you back home. There’s always been something romantic about walks. And you might even know more about the neighborhood. 

     7. Attend the town fair 

Isn’t it a great idea if you bring your date to the town fair and do some fun and games together? You can eat sundaes, corndogs, take a stroll, watch others who are playing, and others. And don’t forget to have a photo together. There will be photo booths in the fair. Consider getting photos together to commemorate your wonderful date.  


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